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Private VIP Group

They say we’re the product of our environment.

Upgrade yours.

Connect with vetted entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, industries, and companies.

Develop long-lasting business relationships and find new opportunities through referrals.

Benefit from insider knowledge and advice shared by fellow entrepreneurs who face similar challenges.

"In my first 2 weeks of being part of the VIP Group, I have found new partners, new clients, and made new friends. Being around fellow entrepreneurs feels amazing!"
Guillermo Ochoa
Founder @ Coorve

Lead Generation Blueprint

No B.S. step-by-step training (videos) on finding new clients using email outreach.

You can use the Lead Generation Blueprint to:

  • Generate New Appointments
  • Find More Partners
  • Grow Your Business to Millions

This strategy can be used at any scale.


If you need assistance, Nicolas can help you set-up and launch your 1st cold email campaign.
"A well-written cold email can change your life. Cold emails work, when they're sent by interesting people."
Sahil Lavingia
Founder @ Gumroad ($100M valuation)

Membership Card

You get priority access to the popular weekly networking meetups and future webinars / workshops.

…even if they’re sold out; You can come in!

  • We host a total of +100 meetups per year
  • We plan on doing +10 workshops per year

As a VIP Member, in the Q/A section, you have priority to ask the expert (speaker) questions.

“Barcelona Entrepreneurs has been a fantastic resource for our business lately. We consistently receive new appointments and inquiries from its members. The meetups are held in wonderful locations, and the people we meet there are truly amazing. It's the best community to be a part of!”
Louis Williams
Co-Founder @ Entre Trámites


In 2024 we got FREE tickes for MWC.

Dto to Mega Events

MWC & 4YFN, and Web Summit.

These are the biggest yearly events for entrepreneurs.

Regular tickets start at 1,000€.

But for our VIP Members, I’m negotiating to get a special deal — maybe FREE??

Fingers crossed 🤞

“Attending MWC & 4YFN for the past 3 years has been a real eye-opener. Being around 100’s of successful startups, businesses, and investors has inspired me. Seeing success up close is the first step to breaking your own limiting beliefs.”
Nicolas G.
Founder @ Barcelona Entrepreneurs


Our goal is to connect and support entrepreneurs, providing them with access to a private and trustworthy community of leaders who face similar challenges.

Our membership experience is tailored for those actively running a business.

We vet all applicants.

Membership Criteria:

  • revenue
  • business experience
  • and values

Other factors taken into consideration include expertise, motivation, and industry.

A Non-Negotiable Principle:

We do not welcome individuals solely motivated by profit, using shady tactics or unethical methods to make money.

We understand that having a strong network often leads our members to do business with each other, and we’re all for it! But, it’s super important that Barcelona Entrepreneurs is a place where members trust each other.

We have a clear rule: no selling or pushing marketing stuff to other members for the sole purpose of driving future business.

The first step is to submit an application.

Then, you’ll receive a “welcome email” with a link to schedule a 30-minute call. During this call, we’ll discuss your background and your interest in the VIP Membership.

We’ll also provide more details about our community and address any questions you may have.

If you meet the requirements for membership, we’ll send an acceptance email usually within 24 hours after the interview.

We welcome and encourage our members to recommend their friends. Just send him this page and tell him to mention YOUR NAME during our 30-minute call.

Our membership is tailored for those actively running a business.

We vet applicants to meet specific criterias to ensure our members can connect with fellow active entrepreneurs.

If you do not yet meet our membership criteria, it is not a no, but rather a not yet.

We believe it’s incredibly important for all entrepreneurs, at every stage of their journey, to have access to a supportive community — however, the VIP Membership is tailored to support people who already have a running business.

Our goal is not exclusion — we are focused and intentional in building a trusted community of fellow active entrepreneurs.

We’re looking for people who meet the requirements, rather than the size of their team.

Private Group — connect with vetted entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, industries, and organizations, who are 100% committed to their success, community, and family.

Training/s — learn how to find new leads, partners, and clients using outreach email marketing.


Your very own AI buddy—a virtual business coach available around the clock.

We’re custom training these AI models, with the information from the current training/s you’re following inside the learning area.

Making your or your team’s learning a breeze.

Smart Mentor AI is like a marketing genius. It’s got the best data to help you create custom templates, scripts, and marketing strategies for your business.

Priority Access — to all of our popular weekly meetups and future webinars / workshops, even when they’re sold out.

Ask the Expert — at our workshops, you can ask the speaker questions and get practical advice for your challenges.

(soon) Event Discounts — MWC & 4YFN and Web Summit, regular tickets cost 1,000€ or more. But as a VIP Member, you can get 70% off.


We love receiving event and speaker ideas from our members. If you have any recommendations just write Nicolas and we’ll discuss further details.

Thank You.

For taking the time to read this page and considering applying to become a VIP Member.

Have a beautiful day,
Nicolas G.

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