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Ada Mazurek

Founder @ Pitch Deck Studios


Great Opportunity

It was a great opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals, learn from more experienced entrepreneurs, and be motivated to scale my own business. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a supportive community, this is your place.

Tony Larsson

Founder @ deDesigned


Met Great People

I’ve met some of the most inspiring people I know through the Barcelona Entrepreneur community. They gave me some new ideas to generate new clients which I had never thought about before. Great group.

Ana Andghuladze

Co-Founder @ T&A Digitals


Best Community

I actually love the Barcelona Entrepreneurs Community. Nicolas is going out of his way to manage it and create products that are so helpful. To date, I went to more than 12 meetups and besides business deals, I made some new friends.

Grow Your Network

500+ monthly registered attendees.

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Meetup on the Rooftop of Hotel Princess
In-person Meetups.

Success in business often boils down to the quality of your relationships.

Join our weekly networking meetups.

  • Open doors to strategic partnerships
  • Create lifelong friendships
  • Grow your network

On cool rooftop terraces with city view, stylish and local places, or private business clubs.

To find the exact time & location of our next meetup, I recommend you join our Community.

Every time we have a meetup, I’ll share a quick reminder.

"I moved to Barcelona on 1st July 2022. The first thing I did was search for entrepreneur meet-up groups. I came across Barcelona Entrepreneurs run by Nicolas. It gave me the ability to connect with like-minded people and develop my business. I would highly recommend it."
Matt Longfoot
Founder @ Mejorlo Consultancy

You're Not Alone Anymore.

If you ever get stuck, ask your questions on the Group Chat and you’ll get a fast answer to anything business-related.

It’s like having an expert advisor available 24/7/365.

24/7 Expert Advice
"Hey Nicolas, thanks a lot for such a thorough response! This is all golden info. I’ll look into Lemlist and Mailshake today and update the thread with insights for others."
Bettina Liporazzi
Co-Founder @ Seedtree Talent

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Lead Generation

Anant Gupta
Founder @ GrowMeOrganic

Higher Conversions

Nicolas G.
Founder @ BEC

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Nicolas G.
Founder @ Barcelona Entrepreneurs
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