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This Is How You Double Your Cold Email Open Rates

The subject line must be relevant and short.

What is a Subject Line?

Your subject line is arguably the most important part of any cold email—after all, it’s that first glance that determines whether or not your recipient will even open it.

How To Write a Good Subject Line?

  • Be Relevant. Make sure the subject line talks about the prospect, not just about you or your company.
  • Keep It Short. Don’t use long, confusing subject lines or ones that don’t match the email’s content. Short subject lines are better, especially on phones.
  • Personalize. Grab their attention by using their name or company name, or by talking about things that matter to them or their industry.
  • Make it Interesting. Think about whether you’d want to open this email if you got it.
  • Use Real Urgency. Don’t make up fake reasons to hurry. If your subject line says something is urgent, make sure your email has a good reason why.

Ready for some catchy email subject lines you can use today?



Outline: {your company} x [prospect’s company]

When?—this subject line is great for partnership opportunities.


  • {your company} x Calendly
  • {your company} & SavvyCal: A great combination?
  • {your company} and HubSpot Marketing Hub: it’s a match

Outline: Looking to outsource {your service}?

When?—if you’re selling outsourced services to businesses.


  • Looking to outsource your sales?
  • Ready to outsource your HR needs?

Outline: We’re helping [type of business] grow?

When?—when selling to small businesses, this will pique their interest.


  • We’re helping [industry] get 3x more clients
  • Ten minutes to grow your [niche] business?

Outline: Looking to improve your [goal]?

When?—you know your ideal customer profile well and their goals.


  • I’ll help you get more press
  • Looking to improve your sales?
  • Looking to improve your [relevant to your ICP]

Outline: Your [related department] needs

When?—use this subject line to be clear about who you’re reaching out to.


  • Your marketing needs
  • The missing piece in your hiring process
  • Insights on your sales needs

Outline: New [department] strategy for [prospect’s company]

When?—great enterprise email subject line to use when selling to large companies.


  • New marketing strategy for [prospect’s company]
  • We’ve created a new strategy for [company]’s sales team

Outline: [type of company] need {your product} too

When?—if your company is known for serving a specific audience, use this subject line.


  • Small businesses need {your product} too
  • Did you know enterprise companies use {your product}?

Outline: [number] benefits we can bring to your business

When?—want to focus on benefits, not features.


  • 3 benefits we can bring to your business
  • 4 ways {your product} can benefit your small business

Outline: We can help you [achieve goal]

When?—prospects who are looking to achieve a certain goal.


  • Let’s build the app of your dreams
  • 10x the productivity of your sales reps

Outline: Improve your services with this tool

When?—if your customers offer services to their clients.


  • Improving your real estate offering
  • 3 ways I can improve your listings

Outline: Sell more [product] with help from {your company}

When?—if your customers sell products to their customers.


  • Sell more properties with help from our real estate CRM
  • Book more reservations with our hotel marketing services

Outline: Want to be [goal]? Let us help

When?—help your prospects picture themselves reaching their goals using your product.


  • Want to be #1 on the app store? Let us help
  • Want to exceed quota this quarter? Let us help

Outline: Could you use one of these?

When?—this subject line includes a bit of mystery: what’s going to be inside? Use this to pique the interest of your audience.


  • Need the best SEO tool?
  • Looking for a better CRM?

Outline: All [type of role] need this tool

When?—you’re selling to a specific role inside a company.


  • All content creators need this tool
  • All sales managers need this tool

Outline: Bring in the [type of customer] with {your product}

When?—show how your product can help bring in customers.


  • Bring in the foodies with our restaurant app
  • Bring in the right leads with {your product}

Outline: [industry] trends and your company

When?—selling to a specific industry.


  • Software trends impacting [company]
  • Real estate trends in 2024 + [company]

Outline: [type] opportunity too good to pass up

When?—you really have a great opportunity to share with your recipient.


  • Investment opportunity too good to pass up
  • Real estate opportunities you won’t want to miss

Outline: Need help with [topic]?

When?—if you sell a product that helps your customers with something they need to do.


  • Need help with financial planning?
  • Need help setting up your sales strategy?

Outline: [number] steps to achieve [goal]

When?—when the body of your email has actual steps they can follow.


  • 3 steps to exceed your sales goals this quarter
  • 4 steps to achieve better sales-marketing alignment

Outline: [number] ways we can help you achieve [goal]

When?—great to help your leads see that your company is interested in helping them reach their goals, not just sell them something.


  • 5 ways we can help you achieve financial freedom
  • 4 ways {your product} can help you 10x the productivity

Meeting Request


Outline: Time to chat?

When?—this is a more casual request, best used when you already have some rapport established with the prospect.


  • 10 minutes to chat?
  • 15 minutes to chat about higher close rates?

Outline: Free [day] at [time]?

When?—for busy prospects, this subject line example is a great way to clearly ask for a meeting. They’ll know whether to respond “yes” or “no” even before they open your email!


  • Free Tuesday at 1:45pm?
  • Do you have some time on Wednesday at 10?

Outline: Can you spare a minute?

When?—you’re genuinely asking for a minute (or two) of their time. Don’t use this when you’re trying to schedule an hour-long meeting.


  • Got a quick minute?
  • Have a few minutes to increase your traffic?

Outline: Looking to exchange ideas on [topic]

When?—this is a catchy email subject line for early in the sales process.


  • Looking to exchange ideas on building your sales strategy
  • Let’s chat about ideas for your next ad campaign

Outline: Let’s look at next quarter’s goals

When?—you’ve already qualified a lead, but they’re having trouble making a decision.

  • Next quarter’s goals
  • Exceeding your Q3 goals

Outline: Let’s build a plan for [goal]

When?—whether you sell services that impact a specific goal.


  • Let’s build a plan for your next workshop event
  • Let’s build a plan to boost your revenue by 25%

Outline: Thanks for our [date] meeting

Use case: After the meeting, don’t forget to follow up! This subject line (and the body of the email) brings that meeting back to their minds and helps remind them of next steps.


  • Thanks for meeting with me on Wednesday!
  • Thanks for our Tuesday meeting: here’s the recap

Inbound and Warm


Outline: First step to improving your [problem]

When?—if you’ve already established interest with a new lead and discovered the issues they’re trying to solve.


  • First step to improving your close rate
  • First step to producing a high-quality podcast

Outline: [referral name] suggested we reach out

When?—you have a mutual connection with your prospect.


  • Nicolas from Barcelona Entrepreneurs suggested we reach out
  • Hey, Nicolas from Barcelona Entrepreneurs said we should talk

Outline: [number] ways to [goal]

When?—working with inbound leads, nurture sequences with subject lines like this will keep you (and what you’re selling) top of mind.


  • 5 ways to make your next ad campaign profitable
  • 3 ways to keep your house cool in the summer heat

Outline: The best thing you’ll download today

When?—you’re using lead magnets for lead generation.


  • The best cold-emailing scripts around
  • The only prospecting template you need



Outline: From one [role] to another…

When?—you’ve built a rapport with your prospect. Only use this when you genuinely have the business type or role in common with your prospect.


  • From one small business to another…
  • Salesperson to salesperson…

Outline: hey [name], thoughts on this?

When?—this casual subject line is a great way to open up a conversation that’s gone cold. (this exact subject line is being used to get a 12% response rate!)


  • Hey Ryan, quick thoughts on this?
  • What do you think about this idea?

Outline: We can help

When?—bring your product back to the mind of your prospect, and show them you’re there to help.


  • We can help your blog
  • Can we help in your hiring process?

Outline: Have you thought about [topic]?

When?—casually bring the topic or product back to the prospect’s mind.


  • Have you thought about how you’ll manage your rental property this year?
  • Have you thought any more about investing in a high-power CRM?

Outline: The next steps

When?—remind a person of the next steps in the sales process—whether after a call, a meeting, or even if they’re going the self-service route.


  • Next steps
  • Our next steps

Outline: A must-have update for [your company]

When?—you update your product, send an email campaign with a subject line like this to show them why your product is the right choice for them now.


  • A must-have update for Barcelona Entrepreneurs Website
  • We’ve made some changes! Come check them out

Outline: Let us do the groundwork for you

When?—remind prospects why they were interested in talking to you in the first place.


  • Let us build your dream home
  • Let us set up your automated payroll system

Outline: Let’s turn your ideas into reality

When?—remember those dreams and ideas you talked about in your discovery call? Well, your potential customer remembers them too—they might just need a nudge like this to get started.


  • Breathe life into your idea
  • Let’s make your idea a reality

Outline: Still interested in [plan they were interested in]?

When?—works for late-stage prospects who’ve gone dark.


  • Ryan, still interested in the Startup Plan?
  • Still interested in that garden remodel?

More Subject Lines


Outline: Fellow [insert interest here] who would love to connect

When?—for a warm lead or someone you already have some sort of connection with.


  • Fellow art lover who’d love to discuss creativity
  • Fellow travel enthusiast who’d love to swap stories

Outline: Interested in learning more about your recent article on [publication]!

When?—you found an article or post your prospect wrote that you enjoyed.


  • Eager to discuss your recent article on Crunch
  • Want to chat about your recent blog post on Forbes

Outline: Looking for advice from a [industry] expert

When?—most people are more than happy to give advice and help others with their know-how. It’s empowering and builds confidence.


  • Seeking advice from a marketing expert
  • In need of insights from a manufacturing industry pro

Outline: I admire the [thought, idea, or opinion] you shared

When?— you follow them, agree with them, and want to give them a boost of confidence.


  • I completely resonate with the marketing strategy you shared
  • I’m inspired by the innovative ideas you’ve shared

Outline: Congrats on your recent [accomplishment]!

When?—a simple congratulations message that acknowledges an accomplishment can go a long way in making a connection.


  • Congrats on your recent promotion!
  • Congrats on the 4YFN award!

Outline: Invitation to join the [industry] network.

When?—inviting someone to join your network is a great way to initiate a new relationship and show appreciation for their potential contribution.


  • Invitation to join the Marketing Professionals Network.
  • Invitation to join the Barcelona Entrepreneurs Network.
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